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Hospital Admissions
Hospital Admissions
mixed media on cradled wood panel
16 x8"

You are waiting in line at the admissions desk of the nearest hospital with an available bed. You are flanked by your sisters. Although they are not touching you, you are held up by them.
It is your turn. The lady at the desk asks you what you are being admitted for. You can’t look her in the eye, can’t look at her face, can’t speak.
Your sister rushes in, protecting you, shielding you.
“Depression,” She states very clearly, to make sure it is understood, “Severe depression.”
There will be no arguing with her. You are so relieved and at the same time you feel so guilty. You have ruined her day, her week, possibly her month. Tears drop onto your arms which are folded tightly across your chest. You didn’t even realize you were crying.